Installment Management System – IMS

Installment Management System is specially designed for you if you are selling anything on monthly installment

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Installment Management System

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Discover the future of business efficiency with our cutting-edge Cloud Solution Installment Software. Seamlessly integrate and manage your operations with advanced tools designed to streamline processes, ensure robust security, and offer unparalleled scalability. Empower your team with innovative solutions that boost productivity and provide actionable insights. Experience a transformative approach to business management and elevate your operations to new heights with our comprehensive software suite, available both for web and mobile.

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Wide Range of 100+ Reports

Experience a comprehensive selection of over 100 reports tailored to meet your business needs. From detailed purchase and sales analyses to comprehensive receivables, payments tracking, and robust ledger management, our diverse reporting options empower you with actionable insights. Whether you’re monitoring financial transactions or optimizing operational efficiency, our extensive range of reports ensures you have the data you need to make informed decisions and drive business success.

Online Store and Tax Office Integration

Efficiently manage your online store operations while seamlessly integrating with tax office requirements. Our integration ensures compliance with taxation regulations, simplifying tax filing and reporting processes. By linking your online store directly to tax offices, you streamline financial transactions, enhance transparency, and optimize compliance efforts. Experience smooth, automated workflows that save time and reduce administrative burdens, empowering your business to focus. 

Warehouse Management

Efficiently oversee and optimize your warehouse operations with our robust management solutions. Streamline inventory tracking, order fulfillment, and logistics management to enhance productivity and minimize costs. Our comprehensive warehouse management system provides real-time insights, enabling proactive decision-making and ensuring seamless operations. Experience improved inventory accuracy, faster order processing, and enhanced customer satisfaction with our tailored warehouse management solutions.


Core Ledger System

The Core Ledger System serves as the backbone of your financial operations, offering a centralized repository for all transactions and financial data. It ensures accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in managing your organization’s finances. By consolidating data from various sources into a unified platform, the Core Ledger System provides real-time insights and supports informed decision-making. Experience enhanced financial control, streamlined reporting, and seamless integration with other business processes.

Secure Data Management

Ensure the safety and integrity of your data with our robust Secure Data Management solutions. Utilizing advanced encryption and access control measures, we protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access and breaches. Our comprehensive approach includes regular audits, compliance with industry standards, and proactive monitoring to mitigate risks effectively. Experience peace of mind knowing that your data is safeguarded against threats.

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Web Version of Installment Management Software

Experience the convenience and accessibility of our web-based Installment Management Software. Seamlessly manage payment plans, track transactions, and enhance customer interactions from any browser. Our intuitive interface and robust features empower you to streamline operations and optimize financial management efficiently. Accessible anywhere, anytime, our web version ensures flexibility and ease of use for your business needs.

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Mobile App of Installment Management Software

Take your business on the go with our Mobile Installment Management Software. Manage payment schedules, monitor transactions, and engage with customers directly from your smartphone or tablet. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive features enable seamless operation management and real-time updates, ensuring flexibility and efficiency wherever you are. Empower your business with mobility and responsiveness, enhancing customer service and operational agility on the move.

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Business Concept

IMS – Installment Management System,

People in the United Kingdom, call it Hire Purchase Management System i.e. an arrangement to purchase goods or services, where the buyer makes some down payment and agrees to pay off the balance, of the remaining agreed amount in periodic partial installments. While, in the United States of America, it’s more commonly know as an Installment Plan or lease plan/lease management.

This Installment Management software facilitate to manage cash/Installment sales, down payments, stock, recovery and outstanding details.

Hire Purchase software

Hire purchase software is one of the best market compatible product of 2+A, it is a web based system that helps to smoothly run financial operations, our hire purchase software specially designed for electronic shops or furniture stores, car/motor bikes showrooms that doing hire purchase business.

Installment Management System

is a comprehensive well managed web based user friendly software that manage multiple branches and all branch level operations.

What is Installment Management System

Customer Accounts

It provides the facility to Add and maintain the Customer Information


Purchase & Payable

Manage all Purchases along with payables details

Sales & Receivables

Manage all cash and credit sales along with receivable details


Manage stock in out & provide powerful reporting to enhance your grip to the business

Specially designed web application that has all industry required features

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Key Features of Installment Management Software

Installment Management software is a complete package for hire purchase business, some of the features are

  • Installment management software provides Inventory, Sales, Purchase and all related operations.
  • Maintain Serial No. wise stock.
  • Maintain purchase and payables.
  • It shows the complete picture of sales and receivables in easy and presentable format.
  • Installment Management software provides user friendly reporting and complete analysis of your business.
  • Our web based Installment management software also introduces an online Identity verification service so that user can verify the defaulter list very easily.
  • Application also provides the necessary accounting reports.
  • Its providing very easy process to download your data in different formats. (SQL db format, PDF, Excel)
  • Secure and easy to use
  • Beautiful flexible environment


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IMS: Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Installment Management System ?

An installment management system is a financial tool that allows individuals or businesses to break down large payments into smaller, more manageable installments over a specified period, typically with interest or fees applied. It helps borrowers budget and make payments on time while providing flexibility in repayment schedules.

Does the installment management system support multiple branches?

Yes, the installment management system supports multiple branches, enabling centralized management across different locations.

How does installment management address late payments?

Installment management addresses late payments by providing structured schedules that help borrowers manage repayments more effectively, potentially reducing instances of late payments.

Are installments only applicable on product purchases?

Installments are not limited to product purchases and can also be used for services, education expenses, and various other financial obligations.

What measures ensure transaction security in the installment business management system?

The installment business management system ensures transaction security through encrypted communications and rigorous authentication protocols.

What types of reports are typically generated by an installment management system?

An installment management system typically generates reports on payment histories, outstanding balances, and financial performance metrics.

How does an installment management system handle customer data (CD), (PD), (UD)?

An installment management system offers a diverse array of reports to effectively manage customer data (CD), (PD), and (UD).

What are the hardware requirements typically needed for an installment management system?

There are no specific hardware requirements for an installment management system; it typically requires internet access and can be used on devices such as laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets, allowing you to access the system from anywhere without the need to set up database servers.

IMS Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboard Widgets

Real-Time Dashboard Widgets provide up-to-the-minute data on various aspects of your business. Key metrics include New Accounts, Cash Present, Today’s Purchases, and Installments Received, all displayed for quick and easy analysis.

Sales Graph

A Sales Graph charts the progress of sales figures across different intervals.

Month wise Sales

Month-wise Sales display the sales figures for each month, highlighting trends and patterns over time.

Gross Profit & Expense Comparison

Gross Profit & Expense Comparison provides a side-by-side view of profits and expenses to analyze financial performance.

Previous Changes

Previous Changes log displays a record of past modifications for tracking and review.

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