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Resturant Management System


RMS Main Features

Restaurant Management System persists the advance option to connect the Phone line with the system. In case of a phone call from a customer, their previous order details display on the screen. A system can take new orders/Repeat orders with vast options for users to take orders by sausage flavors, with or without cheese and veggies, additional meat, buns, and fries. After applying for order customer can get SMS alert, and at the time of dispatch easy option to print invoices on thermal printers.
A User-friendly system is suitable for any frequency of business either on a small or large scale similar to pizza shops, sandwiches, and fast-food restaurants. All and all this system provide an extensive platform with modern-day options for both parties i.e. Restaurants and customers.

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Restaurant Management System manage their preparations for customer orders and fulfill their day to day needs for required deliveries, it retains the record of an earlier order and same time facilitate user to repeat a previous order and furthermore able to manage riders complete information of dispatch and collection.


  1. Improve Customer Relationships
  2. Tracking Sales
  3. Automatic Analysis
  4. Employee Satisfaction
  5. Reduction of Errors
  6. Enhanced Productivity
  7. Effective Use of Human Resources
  8. Minimize Wait Time
  9. Track Inventory
  10. Enhance Security.
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Retail ERP Solution

Its an Enterprise Business Software – commonly termed as ERP. It empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth. Built on the world’s best technology, Infomative delivers a suite of fully-integrated applications, powered by a robust and flexible platform.

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Fully Integrated Solution for Operation & Maintenance Service Provider.
This product is built to provide the easy way to manage the telecommunication sites and their operations along with the track and inventory of the consumable parts, integrated with the automation of the Call Center. This product also covers the human capital management and payroll solutions.

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